Tilt Globe Brass

Adjustable pendant light

Product description

Tilt Globe emanates an open and soft light, and directs it exactly where it is needed. Easy, intuitive handling allows turning and swiveling the shade along its oblong opening in every direction. It works like a cupped reflector that you can freely move around the light source, thus gathering the light and directing it towards the space or object you want to illuminate.

The brass lamp shade, the guiding peg made from solid brass as well as the cloth-covered cord make for a high-quality and classy appearance in every conceivable environment. A self-fastening hanging mechanism provides solid purchase and cleanly holds the lamp in position.

Protected by German utility model and registered Community designs.



Materials:Solid brass, polished outside, brushed inside
Cord:cloth-covered, black or white, 3m or 5m / 10 ft. or 16.5 ft.
Ceiling canopy:plastic, matt black or white
Light source:E 27, max. 70 W
Tilt angle:max. 125 degrees
Swivel:360 degrees
Dimensions:H: 16.5cm / 6.5in, Ø: 20cm / 7.9in
Weight:1.2 kg / 42 oz
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